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What Causes Skin Tags And How Can They Be Removed

What Causes Skin Tags? Skin tags or also called as hanging skin are those overgrowth of the tissues occurring on the skin of the neck and face. In other cases, skin tags are also termed as Acrochordon. There is no specific gender where skin tags occur the most. Almost equal number of men and women are affected by this skin condition. But are you aware of what causes skin tags? If no, this is now the time for you to be aware of the root causes of this skin condition.

Skin Tags Causes & Understanding What Causes Skin Tags

Many have linked friction in the development of skin tags. Clinical studies show that the site of settlement of skin tags is the parts of the skin where friction from clothing is happening. The reason behind it is that friction stimulates the development of skin tags originating in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. But still, this is just a conclusion and is yet to be proven.

Aside from that, skin tags are also likely to be found in people who are obese. Because of the folds of skin from obese individuals, it supports the theory of friction as one of the causes of skin tags. Even women who have large breasts are found to have skin tags for there are plenty of skin folds under them.

What you need to know about more what causes Skin Tags

Age also plays a great factor in the development of skin tags. As one grows older, there is a high chance that Acrochordon might develop. Particularly, an individual who is already at the middle age of his life is found out to have this skin problem. The basic explanation behind this is that as one grows older, the ability of your integumentary system to manage the production of tissues decline. In return, there are lapses in this function which facilitates development of excess tissues in the form of skin tags.

Hormonal imbalance especially for women who are pregnant is also a possible cause for skin tags. When a woman is pregnant, there is imbalance in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. These are hormones responsible in the formation of adipose tissues in your body. The tendency when this occurs is that your body will produce a lot of adipose tissue and some of these tissues will appear as skin tags.

The Best Treatment for Skin Tags

Though skin tags are just minor problems in the skin, it is still a must to use possible cures to help treat the condition. The best formulated treatment for skin tags is dermisil.

Dermisil is composed of organic substances which are immune system boosters. Particularly, this product makes use of Standardized Astragalus as well as High Beta-Glucan Proprietary Mushroom Blend Astragalus which is proven to increase the production of T-Cells. These are the cells which can kill overgrowth of skin tissues in the form of skin tags. Basically, T-cells are referred to as natural killer cells because these destroy the unhealthy cells that you can find in skin tags.

Using dermisil will not impose you to painful relief of skin tags. This makes use of painless technology in removing skin tags present in your system. Additionally, you will not see any bleeding skin tags when you used dermisil.

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