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What are Skin Tags - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments?

What are Skin Tags? If you are facing with skin tag problems, then you must be aware of its causes, symptoms and treatments. Having an awareness of this information will help you understand the condition deeper.

What are Skin Tags Causes

First and foremost, experts in the field of medicine state that skin tag causes are unknown. There are some instances where patients report that they suffer from skin tags and only noticed them during the advanced stage already.

Weight gain is associated with development of skin tags. There are increase incidents where skin tags develop in obese clients. The tooted explanation of this is that the friction happening between skin to skin stimulates the development of skin tags.

Heredity is also linked to the development of skin tags. Patients who have suffered from skin tags are found out to have parents who have developed skin tags before.

What are Skin Tags Symptoms

There are variances in some of the symptoms of skin tags. This means that the characteristics of skin tags vary from person to person. There are skin tags appearing as fleshy and coloured ones. These types of skin tags usually look smooth. There are also other skin tags which are over pigmented. This means that they are dark coloured ones and with irregular shape.

Once you twisted the elevated bumps on your skin, this is usually painless. This is one of the most distinct symptoms of skin tags. This is due to the fact that there are other problems in your skin which are painful when twisted.

What are Skin Tags Treatments

Skin tags are not as serious as other types of skin problems when it comes to your health. But the main problem that you might encounter with skin tags is that it can cause untoward appearance to the area where it grew. One of the simplest remedy for this is using vinegar and apple cider. This promotes skin tag drying which will lead to its total drying and disappearing.

Using nail polish is also another best treatment for skin tags. Nail polish is proven to promote skin tag drying. This means that your skin tag will lose its source of nourishment which will eventually lead to its vanishing.

Manual extraction is also effective in providing solutions to skin tags. By means of tying string to the base of skin tags, this skin problem will be provided with solutions. But there is danger in using this kind of treatment. Once you used a dirty rope and scissor, there is a chance that you may suffer from possible infection. Aside from that, bleeding is also at stake.

Today, there are already formulated remedies for skin tag. Example of this is Dermisil. This is an all natural skin tag cure which is sensitively made in order to provide you with hundred percent eradication of skin tags. This makes use of mushroom head which is found effective in boosting one’s immune system. The extract from this mushroom is excellent in penetrating deep within your skin. Even skin tags which are subcutaneous in origin can be given with solution using Dermisil. There is no trace of bleeding and infection noted when using this cure for skin tags.

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