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Teenage Special

When a little girl steps in to her teens she starts growing up, and in due course of time blossoms into a young lady. This period is known as puberty. There are many changes taking place within the body, and there is change in the emotional outlook on life. You can observe the change in the texture of the skin. From a baby-like softness the skin starts looking mature, and develops that teenage glow which everybody longs for.

Now is the time to start looking after yourself. You may like to experiment with some cosmetics, but it could harm your skin at this stage to do so. So be very careful and use only those cosmetics which are needed, and not just what anybody tells you to use or what catches your fancy. All that you have to do is to follow a simple routine which will carry you through your life, and promise you an everlasting and healthy skin.

Sometimes you may find that in your teens you have developed a little superfluous hair on the face. It may be more prominent on the upper lip, along the side of the face, and perhaps on the chin. So long as it is not a thick growth, you should not tamper with it until the menstrual cycle has settled into some regularity.

Hair on the upper lip can normally be treated quite effectively by bleaching or waxing. But before trying to get rid of hair on the rest of the face, consult a dermatologist or a beauty specialist. Bleaching is good because this does not stimulate the root in any way, and is a surface treatment only, whereas waxing , or threading involves pulling at the roots.

If for some reason the growth has become strong and heavy, electrolysis is the only treatment which is permanent-provided your electrolysis or the beauty specialist is good and there will be no marks left, as some fear. Never try this treatment in a saloon where the beauty specialist is not qualified and experienced. You can easily find out the best electrolysis and beautician in town. This is a long treatment but a most sure one.

If the profuse hair growth is a harmonic disorder, then you will need the doctors help also. The worst of cases have been handled successfully by a qualified and experienced beauty therapist. So many treatments are popular these days for the treatment of mild, superfluous growth on the face and for treatment of mild, superfluous growth on the face and for treatment of mild, superfluous growth on the body that it has ceased to be a problem anymore.


Hot Waxing; This is very popular. Hot wax has an excellent grip and is effective on areas where on tends to sweat a lot. Since it is paraffin-based its grip does not lessen in any way if the skin is sweaty or gets moist. It is very effective on the  upper lips.

Cold Waxing; This is water-based, so make sure the area to be waxed is dry. It is good for the arms and legs, and the underarms too can be treated by dusting a lot of talcum powder on the area before applying the wax. In this method the wax is spread over the area to be treated, and the strip of cloth stuck on the applied wax and pulled against the direction of the hair growth. This leave the skin clean and soft. One should not use too much water immediately after the hair comes out clean, dust some talcum powder on the area instead.

Threading:- Of late this treatment has become very popular. It is a good and quick one and does not affect the growth of hair in any way. If you have pimples on the area where threading is desired, it is better not to thread till they have disappeared completely.

Bleaching; This is effective if you have just a downy growth. Bleaching at home is not advisable if the skin is very sensitive or has pimples, or if one has a sun-burnt skin. If the skin is very dry, one should refrain from bleaching till it gets, normal. Bleaching at the saloon under the guidance of an experienced  beauty specialist is always safe, even under the above-mentioned conditions of the skin. To some extent bleaching does help the skin to get rid of its tan, and lighten the marks left behind by pimples. Besides, some acute case of acne marks and pigmentation have benefited greatly by bleaching.

Tweezing; This is the most convenient method, which one can use to get eyebrows into shape or to pull out any odd hair on the chin or face. One cannot, however, tweeze over a large area as it is very slow and tiring.

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