Helping You Remove Your Skin Tags Naturally


Dry skins: These need a good nourishing cream which is non-drying, as well as a rich vitamin night cream, to nourish the drying, as well as rich vitamin night cream, to nourish the skin and replenish the grease that lost during the day and in the course of washing the cleaning. They would also need a skin tonic to tone up the skin and keep it looking healthy and fresh.

And, of course, a moisturizer is a must for all ages and all types of skins. It is one of the finest discoveries of our times. Once every fortnight the application of a rich face pack is also advisable. Select a very mild soap- and that too should not be used liberally.

Oily skins: These are a problem to keep clean, so one should go in for a very good liquid cleaner, which is not greasy. To nourish the skin use a light cream, for heavy creams will give rise to pimples. A good astringent cream will help the skin to remain less oily, and keep the pores clean. Also use a good face pack (with absorbent properties) once a week to keep the skin looking clean and free of pimples. A light moisturized for use during the day is also a must.

Older skins: for these skins, use a night cream that is also a hormone cream. Treat is as a dry skin and select the cosmetic accordingly.

Younger Skins: To treat these skins, follow the routing prescribed for greasy skins and use the same preparation.

Skin with pimples: Wash this skin with tepid water twice a day, and rub ice all over the face, and three four times a day over the area where you have pimples. Dab a little List.

Face Massage

It is very essential to know the correct methods and procedures of massaging your face, as wrong movements can do more harm than good. You could stretch your skin and loosen your facial muscles by massaging too much. To begin with, you should massage before a mirror, and not just while walking around the house and singing away. Unknowingly, you might sometimes stretch your skin by massaging you face too hard, or by pushing and pressing your face in some direct ion or the other. So use your mirror, which will you if any such thing is happening.

It is needless to point out that the massage should be done on a clean skin, and, of course, your hands should also be scrupulously clean. Take a bit of the cream and spread it gently all over the face – and do not forget your neck. Consider your neck as very much a part your face, and not a part of your body only. (Some of us regard our necks as not even if you’re of our bodies!) So, with both hands cupped and crossed on each side of the neck, start from the base of the neck, and move in upward strokes to the jawline, repeating this movement ten times. Then move to the side of the face. With gentle upward and sideway strokes. Now move your fingertips in circles around the nose. The area under the eyes has to be massaged from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner, going over the top lid to outer corner, and then again under, thus completing a circle. Use your fingertips for this purpose. Repeat this ten times in a continuous manner, a little extra cream on this area, to prevent any stretching in case the cream has been absorbed. Slowly, work you fingers to the forehead, with your hand across it. Start form the eyebrows up to the brow line, in upward strokes. You have a frown line in the making, then, with your fingertips, massage in small circles on the forehead. To prevent the laugh lines along the month, move in small circles along the month line, starting from the corners of the month to the side of noses. The chin should be worked at by massaging around with the thumbs. It is very important for all ages to massage the jawline very firmly, so with the back of your hand tap along your jaw line, starting from one side and going on to the other. Then with your knuckles do a bit of kneading under the chin. If you have a double chin, then you do a bit of pinching at that area.

This face massage should not take more than 5 minutes. You will see that with regularity you will achieve and desired effect. Remember that regularity is the secret of positive results, be it anything in life.

Home Facial

Here are a few guidelines for a home facial, if you have no time for a professional one, or if facilities for one do not exist. A facial before an important engagement gives an extra freshness and glow to the face. But a regular facial once a fortnight is a good habit, which will ensure a youthful and fresh skin for a long time.

Directions for a Facial

-Wear a low-necked garment

-Tie your hair away from the face and the neck.

-Start with cleaning your face and neck with cleansing milk and wipe off, first with a facial tissue   and then with a wet towel.

-Apply the massage cream in dots all over the face and blend it nicely.

-Massage your face and neck as explained in the earlier chapter; now wipe off the excess cream.

-Prepare the face pack your choice and apply all over your face, leaving out the area around your eyes and lips. It is better to lie down and let it dry for 5 minutes.

-Keep bits of cotton-wool soaked in rose water over your eyes while the pack is drying.

-Now wash you face with cold water.

-Gently wash of the face pack from your face with water, keep your eyes closed.

-Dry your face and pat in a bit of skin tonic. It is desirable that no makeup or cream be applied on face for four hours after the facial. This is to allow the skin to breath freely. However, if the face feels dry, a little moisturizer may be used.

-In case you have had a very busy and tiring day, and you have an important date in the evening, you can look your best with a quick facial, as described below:

-Clean your face with cleansing cream.

-Wipe off with a towel soaked and rinsed in hot water.

-Dab-dry your face.

-Apply the face pack for two minutes. Do not forget to cover your eyes with cotton-wool soaked in Rose water.

-Wash off as directed above, splash ice cold water on

your face. Use skin tonic, moisturizer and makeup.

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