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Hand Care

We all know that hands are as important as a well done-up face and beautiful hair. We all talk with our hands, and if they are cracked, with broken nails, they will ruin an otherwise perfect picture of a well –groomed personality. More than that your hands tell a tale. They are meant to be used, and care has to be taken that the skin on the hands remains soft and moist after all those household chores-washing, cutting vegetables, cooking and handing household gadgets.

These days the market is full of hand lotions, considering the importance of hand care. And nail-varnish comes in innumerable colours, offering a lot of variety. Needless to say that you should match your nail varnish with your skin, and, of course, the colours you are wearing. You can find many neutral colours in the market, so that you do not have to change the colour as often as the clothes. Too much of nail –varnish remover is slightly drying for the nails. If you fancy keeping long nails then a regular manicure is very essential, so that your nails are kept clean and in a healthy condition. Much will depend on your occupation, however, because it is sometimes not possible to keep long nails if you are too busy all day. But that does not mean short nails don’t have to be filled or varnished. Short nails look good with a light-coloured nail – varnish; dark nail –varnish would emphasize their shortness.


1. Do not put your hands in very hot water, and then in cold water.

2. Do not leave your hands too long in detergents.

3. Do not leave your hands hanging, as habits, as this will encourage heavy veins.

4. Do not leave your hands wet. Always use a good hand lotion after each wash.

5. If you think your hand lotion is not rich enough, and then mix a bit of night cream into it.

6. Do not handle rough things without adequate protection to your hands and nails.

7. Do not use hair dyes without wearing gloves.

8. Do not peel off your nail-varnish with the nails or with a nail file.

Rough Elbows; prepare two small bowls of hot water, to which a little glycerine is added. Stand your elbows in them for 5 minutes, and then rub the elbows. Use lemon to lighten and soften them. Apply hand lotion after this, to ensure soft elbows.

Protect your hands as far as possible by using different kinds of brushes and sponges to clean various things in the house. Always use proper tools to open the lids of cans, and not your nails. In winter, hands need special care by way of rich emollient creams and hands need special care by way of rich emollient creams and hand lotion, which should be used frequently. Hand lotion is as important for the hands as a protective cream is for your face. So keep this in mind and make a habit of regularly caring for your hands.


How many of us can proudly show toes which are well- painted and care for? You must remember that feet are as important as the hands, although you could get away with bad feet some time!

We all know how important it is to have comfortable shoes for bad foot wear that tires you or pinches you can spoil your expression and kill your fun. If you have to walk a lot, then make sure your foot wear do not upset you. Very high heels are alright for a short time, but if one has a problem about veins or hernia or backache, one should avoid wearing them. The shape should also be selected according to the shape of your toe; otherwise, you could develop very bad and painful corns. Sometimes, the bones also get affected.

To relax your feet soak them in hot water to which a table spoon of Epsom salt may be added. Give your feet the same care as you would to your hands. Use body lotion on them frequently, and if you have a problem with cracked and rough skin, then apply rich cream overnight, sleeping with cotton socks on for a few days so that the cream does not spoil you bed. This will also help the cream to remain on the skin for a longer period.

Try to wear the same shade of nail- varnish on your toes and hands. If you use a pumice-stone regularly to clean your toes, you will never develop corns. Do rest your toes during the day by lying down and keeping a pillow under your feet. It is good to have a professional pedicure regularly, and occasionally do it yourself. Remove the nail-varnish at least once a week, and regularly give your nails a day’s break in between. Massage your toe-nails and heels with warm olive – oil to prevent the skin and nails getting dry.


1. Remove the nail-varnish completely.

2. Cut your toe-nails to the desired length. Make sure that they are not long, if you are going to war closed shoes. However, with and open sandal you can wear them slightly longer .Use a good nail-cutter to trim your nails with.

3. File the nails into a shape which is suitable for the toes. Do not have them pointed. It is best to file the nails straight and slightly rounded off at the ends.

4. Sock toes in a basin of hot water for 10 minutes. If the feet need a lot of cleaning, then add 3 table spoons of ordinary hair shampoo to the hot water before soaking them in it.

5. After that, scrub your feet thoroughly with a pumice stone, and the toes with an old, discarded hair-brush.

6. Apply cuticle-remover with an orange-wood stick all along the cuticle, and push the skin back gently to remove the dead cuticle which grows inside. Don’t forget to clean under the nail too.

7. Use hot olive-oil to massage your toe-nails and heels for about five minutes.

8. Wash and dry your feet thoroughly.

9. Use a good body lotion to massage your feet, leaving out the nails.

Separate the toes from each other with a swab of cotton-wool, so that the nail-varnish, when applied, should not get smudged. Apply the nail-varnish carefully and let it dry before you step into your footwear.

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