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A Birthday Gift for My Wife

I love my wife Marie so much. I am so glad and thankful to have her in my life. She has always been there for me when I needed her. I cherish every moment with her. I had a bit of a problem a week ago. Marie’s birthday was coming up and I did not know what to get her for special day. She already had more things that a woman could ask for in life. I came up with the perfect idea. I needed a store made handmade soap in Canada.

I first met Marie in college. She was a transfer student from France. She moved to Canada temporarily. She was of Vietnamese descent. She had a beautiful smell. I instantly fell in love with her. We both had the same major and took the same business classes together. We spent so much time together. Eventually, we started dating. After graduation, we got married and started our careers. Marie and I are very successful in the corporate world.

This year, I wanted to give something from the heart. I came up with the perfect gift. I noticed that Marie loved to collect soaps. She particularly loved to collect those made from hand. She preferred these because they did not have the hard chemicals to dry our her skin. She also loved the different varieties. Her favorite soaps were rose petal, oatmeal, and anything that had a fruity smell to it. The hard part was finding a store.

After searching the internet, I found a nice store that specialized in soaps made from scratch. They had many selections on their website. I was really impressed with their prices as well. I ordered some of the fruit soaps for my wife. They were very affordable.

The gift arrived quickly in the mail. They actually gift-wrapped it for my wife. Marie loved the gift so much.

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